I currently live and work in Southern California, writing about characters in a variety of different possibleauthorphoto2014genres. I started writing when I was only seven and was first published in the La Jolla Light Newspaper when I was twelve. Spring 2017 I received my BA in English after years of study and a baby.

When I read my first sci fi/fantasy book at eleven I realized that writing could be a career. I’ve been in pursuit of that career ever since.

I’m not really one for hobbies since I’m already pretty swamped with writing books and a very active toddler boy, but I love to read.

I love hearing from my readers. You can contact me on any of my social media websites. I will respond, since I am a real person! Just like you. Go ahead and sign up for my newsletter if you want updates and special deals I reserve for my readers. Also I love hearing what you think about my work, so don’t forget to write a review 🙂 You have no idea how helpful it is.