Mornings Are Not My Thing

So tired, and the cat gets jealous.

Since becoming a mom I’ve become an early riser, and believe me it’s not because I want to. At first it wasn’t so bad because as a newborn the monster generally slept a lot so we both napped all day and night. Now that he’s three months (THREE MONTHS HOLY SHIT) he only naps a few times during the day, goes down at 730p which is too early for me so I’m in bed by 930, and then gets up twice to eat, and wakes up bright and early at 630a. Most days it’s around 7a, today I was lucky and we slept until 730, two days ago it was 530a, so yeah. Early as shit.

Now I’m naturally a night owl, and sleep best from 3a-11a but that won’t be happening again until he’s at least in his teens lol. I kind of fog through the day on 5a mornings and try to pull myself together to write a bit or turn in a homework assignment.

He’s about 6 weeks here and
loves his baths.

I have come to the nasty conclusion that I will just have to adjust and somehow make mornings my thing because by the time he’s old enough to sleep until 9a we’ll be getting up at the crack of dawn to go to school.

Regardless it’s been way too long since I posted and honestly three months went by really fast. I know I kept everyone mostly up to date with releases until my son was born, but I’ve failed recently.

We were really lucky and I am grateful for modern medicine every single day since there was a large chance neither of us would be here today if we hadn’t been so closely monitored.

Which honestly surprised me because I had the most chill, normal pregnancy ever. Never had anything wrong, no high blood pressure, and nothing out of the norm except for normal symptoms. So yeah, I was miserable and had my own gravitational pull by the end of it all, but it was all par for the course.

2 months! So big, gained almost
5 pounds and grew 5 inches
since his birth.

We were admitted to the hospital on his due date because of heart rate fluctuations and low amniotic fluid. Everything went well for about eighteen hours and then we had an incident where his heart rate dropped and a thousand people were suddenly in the room. They got him stabilized and we continued on with induced labor until about 4p when I was told we were regressing in cm and I needed a C Section. They found out he was face up instead of down and got stuck. He was born Jan 23 around 5p at 8 pounds and 14 ounces, my chunky little monkey. Unfortunately he was born with low blood sugar so we were forced to supplement with formula which caused him to refuse to nurse for about 6 weeks. With some training he overcame the trauma of being force fed at the hospital and moved on.Thankfully it coincided with our first day alone and I was able to pump less, making the whole thing easier.

Since then I’ve gotten three infections, rejected a stitch in my incision, one emergency room trip, all while trying to recover from major abdominal surgery. Luckily my husband got 6 weeks of paid family otherwise it would have been even worse. Since then I started my one spring class and just finished it last week with a B+ in a subject I’m not familiar with at all: History of Ancient Philosophy. So I’m happy with that.

Also our old car threw a rod and we
had to get a new one, and
we chose this family friendly car.
Fun right?
3 months and so handsome!

I also participated in April’s Camp Nanowrimo and managed to write around 12,000 words which I consider pretty miraculous since I had school, and a son who insists on growing too fast. Teething at three months? I swear you were born last week.

It’s taken some time to try and find any semblance of balance. I can cook now, clean occasionally, and write or do homework with him awake and napping. It’s been a process though and my social media habits died in the process so I’m trying to get that back into the habit.

It’s crazy to think I gained 50 pounds with this kid and only three months later I have 10 pounds left to lose. I’m really very lucky because I haven’t exercised or even dieted yet.

38 weeks, but stayed around
this size, just got heavier.
3 months postpartum
3 months postpartum, side view
still have a ways to go

So what do the next few months hold on the off chance that I’m terrible at posting on G+ (don’t even get me started on Twitter)? I have at least one summer class, maybe two depending on the workload, and I will be participating in July’s Camp Nano as well. In the meantime though I’ve started on the next book in the Wolfegang series and plan to keep at it, even a few hundred words a day is better than nothing.

At 6 months postpartum I will have the okay to start doing some more serious exercise other than walking and swimming so gym membership with childcare here I come!

We had family photos done, cause why not?

We have family from Colorado visiting this summer which I’m excited for, as well as teaching my little monster to swim, and his first beach trip! I’ve sprinkled in some photos for reference and I really hope I get better at this whole ‘online presence’ thing.

I think that’s pretty much it, I mean I had my birthday on St. Patrick’s Day which was very lackluster due to a newborn and lack of sleep. I’m 28 now and thought being closer to 30 would bother me, but honestly I thought I was 28 most of last year so I feel like I got a bonus year, ha!

I hope you all have been doing well and I hope to get back into contact with everyone!

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