Why I’ve Been MIA

2015 has been a very busy, very intense year so far. I expected nothing more than to continue my existence as it were. Writing, some school, and generally unchanging from last year.

Apparently that wasn’t in the plan. Early in January my S.O. got into an motorcycle accident and the resulting insanity lasted about six weeks. In which I also had some very reading and paper writing intensive classes. More so than the norm so far.

Around March we decided to start house hunting since we received a settlement from the insurance company for the accident. It’s been a nightmare. We found a place we really liked and due to some incompetence their listing agent didn’t send in our offer when he said he would so they accepted another offer, not knowing ours existed. That was upsetting. Then we found another place and put in an offer right during my finals week, (last week of April). Finals commenced and then so did bank insanity.

With school over for the summer I decided to get massive amounts of writing done. But every single day there was some issue with the bank that we had to do. Scheduling inspections, and appraisals, and gathering every piece of information about us since the beginning of time. Then because we decided to buy a Townhome there are HOA issues and we had to get something from them. But neither the bank nor, the real estate agent thought it was their job. Around and around we go.

We are finally reaching the end of all the madness and actually enter into escrow. But I’m sure it’ll just be a different madness.

To top all of this off, I found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant. It came as a shock since the doctors had said it was unlikely to happen without medical intervention. Don’t get me wrong, we’re ecstatic, but also very surprised. Mentally my head is not prepared for all of the adjusting I’m going to have to do.

Part of me is terrified as a writer, will I be able to keep up with my writing? Probably not in the way that I have so far, but I’m not giving up. I still want to publish two books a year until the Wolfegang series is done.

But because of all this madness I’ve been kind of absent from social media and I’m going to have to push back my release date for the fifth book in the Wolfegang series. So bear with me for the next few months as we finish up escrow, move, and then plan for a new person. Writing will always be in my top two priorities though 🙂 Thanks to everyone who decides to stick around.

Jillian Ashe

To help with the delay in the release of the fifth book, here is its cover. Enjoy!

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