Nobody is the Same – So Why Do We Pretend They Are?

There is something about the world that I will never truly understand. I will never truly grasp the importance of hating something, simply for the sake of hating it. If you sit down and look at something very closely, you will see that the thing you hate, doesn’t actually affect you at all.

If someone is gay, how does that change your life, or keep you from doing something? If someone is a woman, how is she threatening you? What about race, how is their skin color ruining your chances of survival? In every instance of hatred, the thing, person, or idea is seen as ‘lesser’ by somebody else. It’s seen as ‘not as good’ and therefore everything that happens to it is ‘deserved.’

I don’t understand why we are fighting all of these things separately. Why aren’t women – regardless of sexual orientation – banding together with the LGBTQ community, who are banded together with the racial minorities and demanding equal rights across the boards? “God created all men equal” is the biggest f**king lie I have ever heard. If that were true then there wouldn’t be inequality. He didn’t say, “all men except the blacks,” or “all men except the gays,” or even “all men except women” even though the definition of ‘man’ includes women: “the human race” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). I didn’t realize women weren’t human, my bad.

The fault of most of these “hates” stems from religion. These people hate people of ‘other’ categories because their religious book tells them to. Although, the words written have been changed over thousands of years, and the meaning ambiguous at best. The only true sin seems to apply to sodomy, and I would think this applies to straight men, as well as gay men. So, why is it only a gay man’s sin? Which the original definition didn’t have anything to do with humans, but with animals.

If it weren’t for religion, how would humans think? I personally don’t think they would hate so much, because nothing tells them too. They may inherit the hatred of their parents, but it would be far less widespread I believe.

Did you know that until recently a marriage vow from a woman to a man had to include ‘obeying’ her husband, but a man did not have to vow anything like that. He vows to ‘protect’ her, but only when he thinks it’s deserved.

I am grateful that my generation can choose to omit this in their vows, I am grateful that I can openly walk down the street with my significant other – who happens to be black – without having to be afraid of repercussions. Why can’t this be true for anyone else?

We run a huge campaign here in America against bullying, but this needs to include all types of bullying, not just in schools, and not just cyberbullying.

Emma Watson gave a speech on what ‘equality’ between the genders mean. This speech rang of truths, that I don’t think many people have considered. It’s not just a fight for women to be equal to men, but men to be equal to women.

Why should a man lose custody over his children simply because he isn’t the mother, even if he may be a better parent? Why does a sensitive man have to be considered weak? There are different types of strengths and it’s the stupidest f**king thing to think that every single man is the same type of person, the same type of ‘strong’ as it is to think that every woman is the same type of ‘strong’ or ‘sensitive.’ True, a man can’t biologically carry a child, (this does not include transgenders) and a woman will never be as physically strong as a man if they were the same height, and weight, pound for pound. But there is so much more to life than that.

There is so much more to life than hate. Letting a gay couple adopt a child doesn’t hurt the child, but not letting them adopt a child could hurt the child. It’s up for adoption for a reason, let someone care for it, and love it. Who cares who? As long as that person can take care of a child and take good care of it, I don’t care who does it, or what their interests may be.

I’m tired of our society, aren’t you?

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