I Hate Blogging

I apologize for disappearing from the planet (the blogging planet). I have a lot to update on, which will be necessary for my next blog post, since I got tagged in this crazy thing called “The Writing Process Blog Tour.”

I hate blogging because I’m terrible at the consistency of it. It also makes me feel like an attention whore. LOOK AT ME! I’m not really into that. You could just follow me on any social media site, and you’d probably learn more than you would with this blog lol. Let’s start with an update πŸ™‚

The basics: I started a Twitter, a Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, and built and published my website and indiegogo campaign *huge breath* as well as keeping up my Google+ profile. Since most of you will find my blog posts from my website I’m not going to keep up with the links from here on out. Too much work lol. I don’t know what else I will start yet, but when I do I will set up the links for that too.

I found an editor for the Wolfegang series, which is awesome. I have an official new title for the first book which I’ve made FREE fo-eva πŸ™‚ It’s around 20,000 words or 150 pages.

My name is Katerina Anderson. In 2016, a drug called Hope was created. Administered during suspended animation, the drug was supposed to cure the cancer my twin brother and I had. When an earthquake leveled Los Angeles, we were presumed dead.
Forgotten, we slept.
The day I woke up, I realized everything had changed. My brother was missing, and everyone else I knew was dead. That drug and all its false promises were the beginning of my destruction.
My Delicate Destruction, a 150-page novella, is the first book in the Wolfegang Series. This exciting debut is FREE as an ebook.”

I designed the cover in Photoshop myself. I got Scrivener, a life-saving program, and formatted the novella for all ebook formats, paperback etc. I’m sprinkling it around to make sure that Amazon lists it as free. Another process entirely. I made a newsletter to stay updated with my work…etc. I’m starting to get all my profiles to link to one another in my “abouts” and I finished book 2 in the process. That one has been through my editor twice now, and I’m still receiving feedback from Beta readers.Β 

Book 2 will be formatted soon, and I have the model and stock photos ready to design the cover. I’m still working on the blurb. I’m almost done with Book 3, and that one is going to my editor in chapters of 3. SO MUCH TO DO.Β 

My official release date for My Delicate Destruction is May 30th, 2014. The other two will be out the end of Summer. As well as the short story The Wolfegang Archives: Capt. Chase Wolfe will be out end of summer as well.

In my personal life I managed to make the President’s Honor Roll in University. I officially have 45 more credits until I get my BA, and then I will start on my MA. My sister got married last summer and will have her one year anniversary soon! Congrats πŸ™‚ One of my best friends is getting married in a few weeks, in which I will be a bridesmaid. She also just found out she was pregnant. I’m going to be an auntie! I’m really excited for this. I saw my little niece or nephew on the sonogram yesterday. She’s 8 weeks along. The baby was flailing its little arms around, and was super cute.Β 

I’m in a very healthy relationship, and it’s a relief. My cat babies are doing well, adorable as ever. Now back to writing for me!

Jillian Ashe

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