Holiday Madness

November is over. I participated in #NaNoWriMo like a crazy person during midterms and Thanksgiving. No I did not make 50,000 words. But I did make 20,000. It’s a long way off I know, but it is most likely more than I would have written otherwise.

This crazy 50,000 words a month quota did inspire me though. Think of what I could get done if I strove to write that many words every month? Two or three books a year, that’s what would happen. So I’m going to track my word count more closely and aim for 40,000 words in December. School is over on the 15th so that would be most of the month free aside from holiday activities.

Oh the holidays! I need to exercise more with how much delicious food everyone cooks!

I have been working on a short story for the series in one of my writing classes, and I was thinking I should post it here, but I also just made a #Wattpad profile where I can post my writing. Next I think Goodreads will be the site I start on. I have to slowly start up on this cazy social media websites that are all over the place otherwise I might go mad. “But all the best people are.”

3/4s of the way through my second novel and then I will start the editing process! There is always way too much to do.

I just wanted to post a quick update, I will do a better post soon!


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