Nothing much going on with me. My personal life has been stagnant. School continues on as usual. I hate the poetry aspect of my Creative Writing II class. I’m not in these classes for poetry.

I will be attending a friend’s wedding this coming weekend, and apparently there is a lot of free booze, so I’m hoping things don’t get too out of control.

Also, I just want to state I really dislike social media. I understand it makes marketing your work that much easier, but it is a lot of work! I don’t have any other social media than Google+ at the moment and the idea of creating a profile for every site is daunting. I heard that an author pinterest is something that is recommended. How?! I don’t even know how to operate on that site, let alone “pin” random things that relate to my book……I need a professional. Too bad I don’t make enough money to hire someone to be in charge of my social media sites. LOL. I still can’t believe that is a job.

What do I use for inspiration? Because I need to write more, and I’ve been kind of slacking the last few days. (I just got Soul Caliber V and a PS3 so I’ve been kind of in that time suck. Also my controller is ‘cotton candy pink.’ No joke, that’s what the package says. I love it.) So I need to dive back into what helps me write 5,000 words in one day. (I think my best was almost 10,000. But it’s not as often I hit 5 as I would like.)

Music. My Pandora station, I’ve been working on it for months/ years. I have a few but I’m currently using Krewella (dubstep) with the added Asking Alexandria variety (known as hard rock or metal core). It creates a stimulating mix. For me anyways. And then reading what I wrote the last time I sat down. I then compare it with my outline and just go…
Sometimes I come up with new ideas this way, that add to the major plot lines. It’s fun. And for those writers out there, yes sometimes the unpredictability of Pandora messes things up, but I take my favourite songs from the station and make a playlist on my ipod. I label it after the book or chapter I am writing to help me remember the feelings and emotions I want for that section.

And that is all for now šŸ™‚ I need to get more coffee and work.

Jillian Ashe

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