Possible Book Covers

Hello my lovelies,

It is a Wednesday, and if any of you are familiar with Jenna Marbles you know what that means. Her vlogs are my guilty pleasure.

I’ve been working on the second book of my series and just cracked 50,000 words yesterday. My first book was about 100,000 words so I’m a little over halfway through. Woot! Progress makes me happy.

Not only am I working on the second book, but I’m working on a short story for the series that shows how Wolfe and Celeste met. I’m kind of going for an X-Men Origins feel. I hope they will be just as interesting. By the way, does anyone know how to get Amazon to make kindle books free? I’m having difficulty with this, and have currently set the price as low as they will allow me for the moment. I could always write a letter 😉

I think marketing your book as a writer is extremely personal and each person will do it differently. I haven’t started my own website yet though it’s on the agenda, I don’t have a twitter, Facebook…whatever else they have these days (what exactly is Reddit?), but I plan to start them all. I haven’t yet because I want these pictures that I’m using for my cover etc, to be available to use for all of these things. I don’t want pictures that aren’t mine, or generic space stuff. I think part of the reason certain Sci Fi stories are so insanely popular are because they have a brand, a recurring theme that fans drink up like nectar. I know I do. I have already pre-ordered the new Firefly board game, anyone else? I also have a poster on my wall of “the ‘Verse” because I think a Sci Fi map is just ingenious. Why do fantasy stories get to have all the cartographic fun? (Points to those who know what cartography is.)

So back to the beginning of the marketing…cover art, poster art…I decided to use a model for my main character “Katerina.” Using a model was a hard choice. Did I really want to put a face to my characters, a real face? It makes the anonymity of my characters difficult. It could potentially harm my books, as readers can’t picture the characters how they want as readily, but I will try it out because I’ve noticed a lot of books use actors as their cover art, whether it is art or a photograph.

A lot of books are like this:

Generic and elusive.But some are like this: 

While you don’t really get what the story is about, you know that there is a kick ass looking chick in it. Honestly, as a reader I sometimes choose what I read from the cover. I know I am not the only one.
So in conclusion I went for it. I put up an ad for a model and cast the main character. None of them have signed paperwork yet so I will not post their pictures until I get their permission and rights. 
 Five book covers have been planned out, as well as possible special edition covers. I think it will all look pretty cool if I do say so myself.
I look forward to hearing any thoughts, comments, or suggestions.
Jillian Ashe

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