I Choose to be an Indie Author

Hello lovelies,

It has been longer than I like, but I also attend University, and occasionally my projects for school tend to overwhelm me. Though despite this delay in my writing, I did manage to wrangle a few perfect grades, so I am not complaining 🙂

So what should I talk about today? I think I’m just going to start off with how I came to be where I am with my writing.

I’ve been writing since I was about 11 years old, I wrote a lot of cutesy stuff for a while, and then I started reading adult books and my writing style matured around 13 or 14. I came up with a few stories, and I still have them today, but I’m shelving them for possible rewrites later. They honestly need a lot of work, but I might publish them eventually.

I was around 16 when I was playing around with an idea for a science fiction story. I fell absolutely in love with Firefly. I wanted to emulate that while still keeping my story original. I came up with a few plot lines for a series I decided to call the Wolfegang series, which is based on the name of the spaceship. It might be lame but hey, sometimes simple is best.

I was doing about a million other things with my life, so I finally started writing it when I was 18, and didn’t finish it until I was 22. I edited it about a million times, rewrote a few things, had other people edit it. Once I considered it good enough to send out, I tried the traditional way first. I wrote a synopsis and query letter, and then mailed out hundreds of these to agents and publishers. 6 months later I was still getting rejection letters.They wanted you to have something published, they wanted you to have an agent, agents wanted you to have a recommendation from someone else….it was all very discouraging.

So I started looking into other options. What else could I do? The answer was self-publishing.

A lot of places charge you a lot of money to publish, but I was looking for something free, and something relatively easy. I’m not overly computer literate and it had to be something I could manage on my own. I found Createspace and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) from Amazon. So I took this approach for a few reasons:

1. I love Amazon
2. Amazon is one of the biggest markets in the world
3. It was all free (there are some services you can pay for, but it is not required)
4. I could have my book available across the world
5. I could have kindle and paperback with no issues.

I thought these were all great reasons. When you say Amazon to people, they chill out. Most people have some device that reads a kindle book, and if they prefer paper, Amazon was hassle free.

The process to do this was a lot harder than I thought, in regards to formatting, and not much else.

As I am redoing the process for the first book and starting it for the second book I’m going to go by category, formatting for each…Createspace and Kindle, book covers, back covers, acknowledgements etc. I will cover each one in a blog.

I also want to say that I think having the option for hardback is something I’ve always wanted and Createspace doesn’t offer this. So I googled it, and found that Lulu does this. As I’m self publishing, what would possibly stop be from publishing on both sites? Nothing. So I’m going that route as well.

As a writer I have to think about word of mouth, not just in the world but online. So what else could I possibly come up with to further this? I have a few ideas that I will share later. It is so much work that I never thought I would have to do as a writer, but freedom isn’t free, it’s work, and you have to fight for it. Even if I got an offer from a publishing company…I don’t know if I would sign with them. There is something so much more gratifying about doing it yourself, and knowing that you did it.

As always comments, questions, and anything you want to hear, I am open to.

Good luck writers!

Jillian Ashe

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