Little Introduction

Hello all,

I have to admit this is my first time blogging, I’ve never thought about doing it until recently. I have a natural aversion to all things social on the web. I know I may not be gaining any friends by saying that, but honestly it just seems like a lot of work and a lot of people having free reign to judge and comment on you life. Plus I hate this thing: “#” And now people are starting to use it in normal conversations? “Hashtag quack quack.” I don’t know if anyone saw that Justin Timberlake skit on the twitter hashtag, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Now, if you’ve read this far, you are probably wondering why I would decide to blog since it can be one of the most personal aspects of social media. Well, I was told by my marketing adviser that I needed to use all channels if I wanted to get my book out there. I am slowly building up all these avenues but decided that maybe a lot of people are curious as to how self-published authors do things. I’m a newbie, but I thought maybe my posts could help someone else out there.

Not only that, but what are the emotional rides through writing a book, why do some releases get delayed, how do you get funding, where did they get their super cool cover art, how do they schedule out the writing? All of these things and more I hope to answer while I systematically blog my step by step journey, as well as explain some things. I’m always open to answering more questions if you have them regarding this subject. Don’t know what lulu is? Just ask, I promise it’s not yoga pants. Don’t know where to find the right formatting for kindle? I’m here for you. The how-to books don’t tell you some of the secrets. Because I followed one, and I still had massive gaps between paragraphs in the ebook. Excuse me, how sh***y does that look? It’s not very professional either. I spent a good 14 hours figuring that out.

I’ve already published one of my books, my first, and it isn’t selling very well, but I’m currently not worried about it, I clicked “publish” and that was it. No other forms of marketing. Currently I’m having problems because of personal life, and how it has affected my writing. I would like to talk to you about this, and I know it is really personal, but I feel like people deserve to know why I didn’t hit my goal of finishing the first draft of my second book by the end of the summer. Also, this can keep fans of my writing and books updated on the progress of something they’re waiting for. I know I always check updates for when my favorite shows are premiering.

Some people may be upset about how informal this blog is, how can you be a writer and just willy nilly post blogs with no real point? I want this to be informal, I want to seem real, accessible. What is the point of me writing my own experiences to help people if I change them? No, I want you to feel like you can talk to me if you want, because that’s what I created this blog for.

As an intro blog there isn’t much in this piece about writing, but I will get there, I promise. Even if I have posted something that is just personal, I’ll always try to leave with something. An update, a tip, a question, something.

Okay, next blog, my explanation of my delay in the second book. In closing, I would like to leave everyone with this: I write science fiction/fantasy for young adults and adults. I’m trying to steer clear of vampires for the time being until that sort of dies down. I’m an Anne Rice fan, not a Stephanie Meyer fan. Joss Whedon! God of all nerds!! (FIREFLY) I’m a geek with personal issues. I love all things Joss Whedon, I devoured Farscape, and now I’m on Star Trek, from the beginning.

I would like everyone to know I decided to become a writer because of my father. He gave me my first taste into this world of geekdom very, very young, and without him and the support of my family I would have ended up a lawyer or an accountant.

“No power in the ‘verse can stop me.”
Jillian Ashe

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